The Confirmation (Katekisasi Sidi)

That is preparing to become a mature Christian, to feel faith through the Bible. And invited to know the way of salvation is Jesus Christ.

Katakhein‘ is a lesson to preach / inform and invite to those who will receive, hear and confess the Christian faith.

The meaning of the word ‘Katekhein’ is more emphasized on teaching not in the intellectual sense but rather in the practical sense of teaching or guiding someone, in order to do what is taught to him.

Katekisasi or Katekese comes from the Greek verb ταχεχειν (katekhein), which means preaching, telling, teaching and give a lesson.

The ‘Katekisasi‘ of the church is an important teaching activity of faith as well as the formation of faith from the  participants, so that through ‘Katekisasi‘ the church members are equipped to know and believe in God in Jesus Christ so as to live, obey and exercise their faith in families, churches and communities.

The purpose of learning ‘Katekisasi‘:

  1. Growth of faith, we are required to grow and mature in faith
  2. Introducing the Trinity
    1. Lord God who is creator of all things, and fills the universe
    2. Jesus the Savior
    3. The Holy Spirit who calls, unites and invites us
  1. Introduce us as church members with our responsibilities are
  2. Directs us to life in love, love to God and to fellow human beings
  3. In order for us to conceal sin, so we avoid sin in order to go to repentance
  4. Guided so that we will learn and live in the word of God