1. Membership may be gained as an individual or family.
  2. Membership Classification:
    1. Children members are those who are children of baptized adult members of HKBP New York. Children members are not to be involved in meetings, nor are they to hold responsibilities involving church matters, nor are they to participate in the Holy.
    2. Adult/Full members are those who have been baptized and confirmed. Adult/Full members must participate in meetings, hold responsibilities involving church matters, and take the Holy Communion.
    3. Associate Member.
  3. Adult/Full and associated membership required to fill out a membership form and agree to follow the Constitution and Bylaws of HKBP New York.
  4. Adult/Full and associated Membership Responsibilities and Rights:
    1. Adult/Full and associated Membership Responsibilities:
      • To be involved in church programs and activities, such as meetings, seminars, training sessions, and celebrations.
      • To give contributions towards church funding. We are called to give generously and eagerly to weekly offerings, monthly offerings, and other offerings as a return for God’s blessings.
    2.  Adult/Full and associated Membership Rights:
      • To be baptized, to receive the Holy Communion, to receive holy matrimony, to beconfirmed, and receive other pastoral services.
      • To be involved in church activities, such as meetings, ministries, and financial.
      • To receive reports of programs, finances, and assets.
      • To vote and be elected, with proof of baptism, confirmation, and responsibilities.

5. Disciplinary actions given by theBoard of Elder of HKBP New York based on HKBP Rules of Conduct.

If you have not yet been baptized, baptism is the next step to proceeding toward membership. Click here for more information about Baptism.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us.