The Holy Baptism

The Holy Baptism is a means of God’s grace toward human being, infant and adult. The church is planted in the world through the holy baptism, all its members are made worthy through faith to receive the forgiveness of sin, new born, redemption from death and devil, and receive everlasting life. Through the holy baptism all believers are unified into death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to receive the Holy Spirit. (Mrk. 10: 14; Luke 18: 16; Acts 2: 41; 10: 48; 16: 33; Rm. 6: 4; 1 Cor. 10: 1-9; Titus 3: 5; Heb 11: 29; 1 Ptr. 3: 21).

By means of this doctrine we emphasize that children should be baptized in His church, since by this means they will be sealed and be brought into the community of those for whom Christ given himself for redemption. Jesus Christ pleased welcomes children. The parents must urge and send their children to the Sunday School, and other activities related to the church. We also emphasize that the church is one in the Holy Baptism. It is enough to administer the holy baptism once for one’s life.